Names listed in RED indicate a member unable to run and

needs a substitute.  If you would like to run on that day,

Contact Ron Smith

and/or Paul Boston


Aug 19 Steve O'Ney/ Jimmy Ragland

Aug 20 Jeff Kerner/Mitch Kramer


Aug 26 John Huber/Mike Ragsdale

Aug 27 Bill Lazenby/Dana Price


Sep 2  Janet Mattern/Lynn McClelland

Sep 3  Russ Mosser/Jonathan Peiffer

Sep 4  Steve Gendler/Rick Fortmeyer


Sep 9  Bob Prehara/Jim Johnson

Sep 10 Ray Pomper/Mike Ragsdale


Sep 16  John Reinhardt/Wayne Rowe

Sep 17  Al Shultz/Ron Smith


Sep 23  Greg Shupe/Phil Todd

Sep 24  Loren Tomlinson/ Barbara Turner


Sep 30  Jay Talbott

Oct 1    Jim Woldman/David Zhang


Oct 7    Bob Cowles     RAILFAIR

Oct 8    Ron Smith/ Mick Jensen


 Ron Smith

Run Schedule

If you can’t run, please find a replacement.

If you can’t find a replacement, call Ron Smith, ((509) 539-6416) or e-mail him at

The people scheduled to run will either get an e-mail or a call to remind you of

Your day to run.

Don’t forget to sign the calendar when you do run.

The Building is open on Saturday and Sunday from 9AM. To 7:30 PM


Those scheduled are IN CHARGE on their run day.

If you want to participate on their day, contact them PRIOR to showing up.